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Complex logistics —  represents a systematic approach to the arrangement of life cycle of goods and related activities during the period from the date of their components manufacturing to the moment of consumption.

This is an effective management system for material, informational and financial flows associated with the life cycle of goods. An integrated approach to the logistic process can reduce or neutralize the risk of uncertainty, which influences the functional life cycle of goods.

One of the main advantages of cooperation with "Laross-T" is the possibility of comprehensive agency services, i.e. transmission of all the tasks and the risks to a professional Agent on a regular basis. This is very important in case of occasional or constant increase in the volume of logistics work in your company and in case of shortage of human and financial resources (seasonal peaks, new projects launching, etc.). As a result - your get full concentration on the core business, saving your time and resources. Thus, using the method of complex logistics, you get a tool that allows you to reduce activity not related to the core business, which increases the efficiency of your main business.

Complex logistics

In the conclusion of a contract for integrated logistics services, "Laross-T" is responsible for the following aspects:

  • timely and complete financing of logistical support in accordance with the conditions connected with protection of goods and means of transport;
  • information actuality in case of customs clearance;
  • timeliness of planning, completeness and adequate content of the documents
  • declaration of goods and means of transport;
  • presentation of documents and additional information required for customs purposes to the customs authorities of the Russian Federation;
  • presentation of the declared goods and means of transport;
  • security for payment of customs duties and other payments provided by the Customs Code of the Russian Federation;
  • reduction of the duration of customs clearance of goods and means of transport within the limits set by the legislation;
  • resolution of disputes that may arise in the course of customs clearance and customs control;
  • demurrage in case of improper paperwork.