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Freight forwarding in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Logistics Company "Laross-T" offers complex cargo escorting. Our company possess over 20 years of experience in freight forwarding. Established material and technical base, proper warehouses and highly qualified personnel allow us to solve the most complex problems of freight forwarding from virtually anywhere in the world. Responsible approach to cargo escorting allows our customers to disburden cares of transportation upon the shipping company.

Freight forwarding through the terminals of the Big Port "Saint Petersburg"

"Laross-T" provides forwarding of export and import cargoes through the terminals of the Big Port "Saint Petersburg".

Selection of necessary transport

Escorted cargoes have quite different dimensions and transport requirements. Employees of the freight forwarder must take into account all these requirements and provide suitable transport.

Route planning

Qualitative delivery of cargo, especially with strict delivery time requirements, involves careful and advanced planning of a route. Certainly, the development of an itinerary is one of the key steps in transportation. Freight forwarder, performing cargo delivery, often uses various delivery schemes, including multimodal delivery schemes.

Preparation of documents for freight

The freight company must take care of all the necessary documents for cargo transportation across the border.

Interaction, including conclusion of contracts, with other members of the transportation process:

1. Working with container lines.
2. Working with shipowners.
3. Working with cargo (chartering) brokers.


- Legalization of related documents
- Preparation of bills of lading, consignments etc.
- Arrangement of port forwarding
- Development of cargo transportation route load in case of several means of transport (multimodal transportation) - on behalf of the client
- Organization of survey inspection of cargo, as may be required
- Complex cargo tracking
- Arrangement of cargo delivery and shipment between port and consignee/ consignor within the frames of export-import operations
- Payment of various fees and charges
- Cargo insurance
- Full range of customs clearance
- Provision of consignors with the information about the cargo movement
- Obtaining permits and paperwork for hazardous, oversized and heavy cargo
- Additional services on behalf of a client.