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Logistics company "Laross-T"

We arrange railway transportation using all types of rolling stock and calculate the carriage to the territory of Russia, CIS countries, Western Europe and South-East Asia. We offer special conditions for the companies that supply from China. Moreover, we forward transit, export and import cargo, provide customs clearance and certification.

Railway freight from China to Russia

In view of the fact that the cost of railway freight over long distances is not very high, the logistics solutions of cargo delivery from China to Russia (for example, to Saint Petersburg) are particularly beneficial.

The main advantage – universality

Railway is a universal method of delivery. And in some cases, this type of transport is the only possible for the carriage.

Advantages of railway freight
  • Railway transportation of cargo of any type. Wide range of freight wagons (high-sided wagons for gravel and coal transportation; covered wagons; special wagons for valuable cargo; platforms intended for transportation of various long constructions).
  • High level of safety and security of cargo. The wagons are sealed prior to shipment and have powerful design that reduces the possibility of break-in.
  • Low cost of freight over long distances. The longer the route is, the more is the difference with motor and air transport.
  • Carrying capacity. One locomotive is able to replace a number of large-size trucks.
  • Weather resistance. Rail transport is virtually independent of major changes in weather conditions.
Disadvantages of railway freight
  • Impossibility of cargo delivery on the "door-to-door" basis.
  • НImpossibility of railway freight across the ocean, as well as low density of railway lines in some countries.