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Logistics company "Laross-T"

Our specialization is handling logistical problems associated with the carriage of cargo by sea and the acceptance of cargo in Saint Petersburg port terminal. The company "Laross-T" will be pleased to get through the organization of your sea freight. We perform calculation of freight rates, chartering of vessels, agent’s services for cargo in ports, stevedoring operations, as well as survey inspections. Moreover, we formalize the required marine bill of lading and cargo manifest.

Sea freight from China to Russia

Our company develops logistics solutions of cargo delivery by sea from China to Russia using the most optimal way. Delivery of cargo to the ports of the Baltic States or Finland, followed by further transportation to trailers, is also possible.  
We control all the stages of delivery and transshipment. In addition to this, we perform cargo consolidation.

  Best freight price.

Cargo delivered by sea has a better price per unit weight. This is, of course, the main advantage of sea freight.

Advantages of sea freight

  • Low cost at high volumes.
  • Heavy payload.
  • Possibility of heavy and oversized cargo transportation.
  • Possibility of transportation of cargo of any type.
  • Handling capacity quite without limitation.
  • Easy loading and unloading operations through the use of an internationally recognized cargo container system.

Disadvantages of sea freight

  • Shipping by sea requires equipped ports.
  • Weather dependence (in northern countries).
  • Relatively low travel speed.