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Logistics company "Laross-T"

Our company will be pleased to consult you on truck freight and choose the optimal route of cargo transportation within any continent.

  The main advantage: flexibility

Only truck freight provides cargo delivery directly to the customer without intermediate transshipment.

Advantages of truck freight:
  • Possibility of goods delivery on the "door-to-door" basis. As a rule, railway and sea freight require the use of road transport in order to deliver the goods to the consignee's door.
  • Truck freight guarantees the fastest delivery of cargo over short and medium distances.
  • Motor transport provides delivery of various types of cargo - from extrahazardous to oversized.
  • Small consignments. Due to small goods consolidation into one bulk, delivery of small consignments can be cost-effective and reliable.
  • Additional preferences: route, insurance, customs clearance operations, location tracking, etc.
Disadvantages of truck freight:
  • Strong dependence on the condition of the road surface in certain area.
  • Evident impossibility of cargo delivery by truck across the ocean.